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Greencastle, IN

In 2019, the cement plant in Greencastle, IN celebrated 100 years of cement manufacturing in the small community of Limedale.  Located on 1500 acres, the plant site has a history that dates as far back as the 1857 when the site was used as a lime and stone quarry.  Over the many years, the plant has made many significant modifications to improve cement production, including changing from a long-wet kiln to a shorter and innovative semi-dry process, nearly doubling cement production in 2000.  This technology earned the facility The Indiana Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.  Currently, the cement plant in Greencastle can manufacture more 1.3 million tons of cement annually.

In 1987, the facility began utilizing wastes as a fuel replacement for coal in the cement kiln, and in 2005 received a permit to use waste in both the kiln and the pre-heater calciner making Greencastle one of the largest waste-to-fuel facilities in the United States.  The Greencastle Alternate Fuels facility manages more than 30 million gallons of waste each year, and can replace more than 50% of the plants coal needs.


Kiln Type: Pre-Calciner

RCRA and Non-RCRA Liquids:  

  • RCRA regulated & and Non-RCRA Solvents in bulk tanker trucks
  • CERCLA Wastes 
  • Refinery Wastes 
  • Roll-off, End Dump and Vac Boxes for solids and sludge’s
  • Bulk pneumatic dry powders
  • Solvent Continued Use Program

Non-RCRA Alternative Fuels:  

  • Wood/Paper
  • Oil Filter Fluff
  • Plastic
  • Rubber  
  • Cardboard
  • Agricultural Products
  • Carpet 

Alternative Raw Materials:

  • Aluminum Catalyst
  • Filter Cake
  • Bottom Ash 


For waste stream approval, complete the appropriate form below and submit with a sample: