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Maryneal, TX

Maryneal plant is located on the eastern edge of the Permian basin in Nolan county Texas. The Permian Basin is rich in oil reserves and the Maryneal plant is a major supplier of oil well cement to the oil industry.  Maryneal began production in 1955 and in 2016 a new clinker line, raw mill and new #7 finish mill were put in service.  The new kiln system is a Pelisses design with a 5 stage pre-claimer 5mX 200 kiln and a polytract cooler.

The plant produces more than 1.1 million tons of cement, making two clinkers, Portland and Oil Well. Four cements are made with these clinkers Portland type1/11, Class C and H oil well cement and a Lightweight oil well cement.  The plant utilizes two 3800 horomills one for raw feed and one for cement grinding. The plant consumes 107 kw/ton with a specific heat consumption of 3.2 Mbtu/ton.  The plant meets or exceeds the most stringent environmental standards.

The plant is very active in the community sponsoring many teams, school and community events. The Plant's signature sponsorship and involvement is Kids on the Land.  This program teaches local 3rd to 5th graders about the natural world as well as stewardship and conservation of natural resources. 



Kiln Type: Pre-Heater  

Alternative Raw Materials:

  • Raw SPL
  • Synthetic Gypsum