Pryor, OK

The Pryor Plant was built in 1960 by the Oklahoma Cement Company. It was further expanded in 1978 to its current three long dry kilns with two raw mills and three cement mills.  

The plant currently produces four types of clinker (TI/II, TI/IILA, CH and CSA) and five types of cement (TI/II, TI/IILA, CH. CSA and masonry). Cement is shipped via railcar, bulk truck and package. Cement storage capacity is about 70,000 tons. 

The plant capacity, with its current blend of clinkers and cements, is about 550k clinker and 600k cement. The plant operates with 110 employees, including quarrying operation. 

The plant burns a blend of coal, petroleum coke and passenger car tyres. The plant is a direct fired system using a blend of coal and coke in the main burner, whilst the passenger car tyres are introduced to the kiln by a mid-kiln injection system. Tyres are used tyres from NW Arkansas solid waste districts that arrive in closed end box trailers, stored in trailers on site. 


Kiln Type: Long Dry

Non-Hazardous Alternative Fuels:  

  • Whole Tires  
  • Plastic  
  • Tire Chips 

Alternative Raw Materials:  

  • Raw SPL
  • Ceramic Tile