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Quality Control

Buzzi Unicem USA has implemented a Quality Assurance Policy (QAP) to provide laboratory data which is scientifically valid, defensible, and of known precision and accuracy.  By implementation of the QAP, Buzzi insures that its laboratories data is adequate to meet and exceed all the regulatory standards.

Buzzi laboratories use certified standard operating procedures as part of the overall Quality Control Assurance program.

Utilizing experienced dedicated staff, the Quality Assurance Program provides analytical test results, using state-of-the-art technology, to a very high degree of precision and accuracy.

Every load of waste derived fuel is analyzed in our on-site laboratories for components such as metals, organics, radioactivity, solids, pH, PCBs, chlorine and many other others. 

Leadership, integrity, timeliness, quality and exactness, that meets or exceeds environmental regulatory standards is the forefront of Buzzi Unicem USA’s Quality Control and Quality Assurance Program.