Camino de migas

Highest Reliability

Reliability is a measure of a cement kiln’s unscheduled downtime. Buzzi’s kilns have some of the highest reliability rates in the cement industry, consistently operating above 95%. This is important to waste fuel suppliers, because reducing stoppages increases consistency in waste utilization. Buzzi’s equipment utilized for receiving and handling of alternative fuels is state of the art, with a record supported by years of experience. For this reason, Buzzi is a highly reliable source for your recycling needs. In order to maintain the highest reliability, Buzzi’s kilns have an annual scheduled maintenance period, typically lasting three to four weeks during the winter. Buzzi’s scheduled maintenance is closely synchronized with our two RCRA facilities, Greencastle, IN and Cape Girardeau, MO, to provide recycling options with little disruption of service. At Buzzi, we are proud of our leadership and dedicated employees, who create the foundation for the success of our alternative fuels program.