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Buzzi Unicem USA’s Signal Mountain Plant, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee USA, was founded in 1921 by a group of local investors and produced its first clinker in October of 1923.  Cement production capacity at the time was 180,000 metric tons per year.  Originally, the quarry was located adjacent to the plant property.  In the late 1950’s the plant increased its cement production capacity to 450,000 metric tons per year with the addition of two wet process kilns and two finish mills.   


In the early 1980’s Signal Mountain Cement Company became part of RC Cement Company, Inc., presently Buzzi Unicem USA, subsidiary of Buzzi Unicem S.p.A., a leading Italian cement and ready mix producer.  Favorable long-term market projections and geographical location were the key factors in the decision made in late 1997 to modernize the Signal Mountain Plant.   The new plant, which adjoins the old plant, has a cement production capacity of 820,000 metric tons per year. The quarry, now located approximately 25 miles from the plant along the Tennessee River, was also upgraded as part of the modernization project.   Clinker production at the old plant was discontinued in April 2001 at the time the new plant began production.       


The plant serves markets in Knoxville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky to the north and metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia to the south in addition to the Chattanooga area.  The plant modernization also included the installation of a cement barge loading facility.  




Kiln Type: Pre-Calciner  


Non-Hazardous Alternative Fuels:

  • Rubber

Alternative Raw Materials:

  • Bottom Ash
  • Synthetic Gypsum