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Lone Star Industries, Inc. Announces Sale of Over 2,600 Acres of Open Space to State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources to Expand State Park Complex
25 října 2018

Lone Star Industries, Inc. Announces Sale of Over 2,600 Acres of Open Space to State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources to Expand State Park Complex

UTICA, IL (Oct. 25, 2018): Lone Star Industries, Inc. d/b/a Buzzi Unicem USA today announced the sale of 2,629 acres to the State of Illinois in an effort to promote mined land reclamation and expand the state's most heavily visited state parks.

"The decision to sell this land to preserve open space represents Buzzi Unicem USA's effort to be a good corporate citizen and an environmentally responsible neighbor," said Daniel B. Nugent, Sr. Vice-President, Technical Services and Government Affairs of Buzzi Unicem USA. "Sustainable development is a core value of our business model. We strive to do business in a way that can meet the needs of present generations without jeopardizing the ability to satisfy the needs of future generations."

Following the cessation of mining activities on the property, Buzzi Unicem USA successfully completed the regulatory reclamation process necessary to restore the land to a natural and productive space. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) will incorporate the former Buzzi Unicem USA property into the adjacent areas of Starved Rock and Matthieson State Parks, with intentions to restore wildlife habitats and provide valuable outdoor recreational activities to the public. Buzzi was pleased to partner with the State of Illinois to give back to the very community that helped the company operate a successful mining and cement manufacturing location for decades.

"We are excited to see what IDNR and the people of Illinois have in store for this land," said Mr. Nugent. "We hope the expansion of the state parks through this acquisition inspires other companies to look for opportunities to do the same." Headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Buzzi Unicem USA is one of the leading cement manufacturing companies in the US. The company’s seven cement plants have a production capacity of approximately 9 million metric tons. Buzzi Unicem USA serves the Midwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast sections of the country.

The company operates 34 cement terminals across the US to distribute the cement into 21 states. Buzzi Unicem USA, with over 1,300 valued employees, supplies cement and masonry cement to over 3,800 ready-mix concrete, highway and airport paving firms, concrete block companies and concrete product firms.

04 září 2018

Three Buzzi Unicem Plants Receive ENERGY STAR Certification - Ten Consecutive Years

The Buzzi Unicem USA manufacturing facilities in Chattanooga, TN, Festus, MO, and Maryneal, TX have earned 2018 ENERGY STAR® certifications from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, recognizing their superior energy performance among similar facilities in the industry. In fact, ENERGY STAR certified plants perform in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide.

This is the tenth consecutive year that these facilities have earned the ENERGY STAR recognition. In meeting these strict qualifications, these facilities are saving energy, conserving resources and helping protect the environment by using less energy than peer facilities.

For more than 20 years, EPA's ENERGY STAR program has been America's resource for saving energy and protecting the environment. Today, thousands of facility owners and managers use ENERGY STAR to improve the energy performance of their buildings and plants.

06 listopadu 2018

Buzzi Unicem becomes member of the Global Cement and Concrete Association

Buzzi Unicem has recently joined the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA). Founded in early 2018, the association currently includes among its membership 16 leading companies in the cement and concrete production sector, representing over 30% of the global production capacity.

GCCA's mission is to interact with international institutions and major stakeholders to ensure that cement and concrete are recognized as essential elements in achieving the objectives of sustainable development, and to coordinate the efforts of the building industry to improve and innovate its production processes.

Needless to say, GCCA is working closely with the national and regional associations already in existence. The US-based Portland Cement Association (PCA) was the first such association to join the GCCA.

09 dubna 2019

Buzzi Unicem USA Receives 2019 PCA Sustainabile Manufacturing Awards for Community Outreach and Safety Innovation

The Portland Cement Association (PCA), founded in 1916, is the premier policy, research, education, and market intelligence organization serving America's cement manufacturers. The Association promotes safety, sustainability, and innovation in all aspects of construction, fosters continuous improvement in cement manufacturing and distribution, and generally promotes economic growth and sound infrastructure investment.  
Annually PCA recognizes industry leadership and innovation through their Sustainable Manufacturing Awards program in the areas of: 

Environment and Energy (E&E) 

Safety Innovation, and 

Safety Performance 

On April 9 Buzzi Unicem USA was the recipient of 2019 Awards in the E&E and Safety Innovation categories.  

The Buzzi Unicem Greencastle Plant won the 2019 E&E Land Stewardship award for outstanding achievement in community relations  for their work with the not-for-profit People Pathways organization in constructing a 2.6-mile smooth packed stone section of the Putnam Nature Trail. Buzzi Unicem USA staff and People Pathways completed installation over a former railroad bed (aka "rails-to-trails" project) and improved the trail with native trees and prairie vegetation, interpretive signage, benches, birdhouses and other features. 

The Buzzi Unicem Festus Plant won the 2019 Safety Innovation Award in Pyro-processing for their Automated Clinker Cooler Sampler.  The Sampler system is designed as a simple singleaction tray sampler that is hydraulically operated to capture clinker discharged from the kiln. Once the device collects clinker it deposits the sample into a chute by means of a pusher plate, where it is then conveyed to the clinker analyzer.  This automated system eliminates the need for manual collection from the clinker cooler itself. 

Take child to work day
17 května 2019

Take child to work day

On Thursday, April 25th, the Stockertown Plant welcomed 18 future workers, along with some of their parents, for the annual Bring Your Children to Work Day.  Children, ages 4 – 16, representing both the plant and the BUUSA Corporate office, participated in a day that showcased the work that is conducted at the plant. 

The day started with a safety overview by Environmental Manager, Keith Williams, followed by a tour of plant operations with Plant Manager, Bruce Keim, including presentations at the Hercules Meadow Pavilion, by plant management (Bill Fink (Quality Control Manager), Adam Estrella (Quarry Manager), Jacob Tufano (Production Manager), Mike Knight (Storeroom Clerk), Cavin Israel (Maintenance Engineer) and Trevor Stone (Production Superintendent)., on their roles and their career path to and within Buzzi Unicem USA.  Amy Kowalski (Corporate HR Manager), also provided some information about jobs at the corporate office. Afterwards, the group helped plant white pine seedlings along the northeastern edge of the Meadows area and were provided participation gifts to thank them for their efforts.   

Thanks to Krista Karasek and Amy Kowalski for organizing/providing an interesting and fun day for the children, and parents! 

Franco Buzzi Memorial Scholarship
01 srpna 2016

Franco Buzzi Memorial Scholarship

To honor Franco Buzzi’s memory, Buzzi Unicem has developed an initiative that reflects things that Franco loved: the company, to which he dedicated his life; brilliant young people who could represent the company’s future nourishment; the USA and in particular Texas.

This is why Buzzi Unicem will award every year, on a continuing basis, a scholarship that will provide the employees’ sons and daughters with the unique opportunity to attend a Master in Business and Administration at the prestigious McCombs School of Business - University of Texas, at Austin.

We chose one of the best schools in the USA: it ranks #15 in US News 2014 Best Business School ranking and #20 as for selectiveness, as it only accepts 24% of applicants. Austin is a vibrant, friendly city, with a high quality of life and a dynamic business ecosystem.

The program we selected is a 2-year, full-time MBA, that Buzzi Unicem will fully fund, thus covering not only tuition and fees, but also standard ancillary costs (travel, insurance, living costs, etc.). All employees’ sons and daughters, from all of the group’s countries, can apply. They must meet the requirements set by the Business School’s admissions criteria, regarding age, bachelor’s degree, work experience, English proficiency and analytical skills.

Transparency and fairness are key to us, so Buzzi Unicem will not in any way be involved in the evaluation and selection process. That process will be managed in full by the University of Texas. The only way to submit the application is online, on the school’s website. Once the selection phase is complete, the first endowed student will attend the MBA program according to the university schedule.

As a company, we are proud to launch this project. We know for sure that this could be a turnaround opportunity for focused, committed people. And we like to think of Franco as a significant part of this growth process, too.